Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Coundown 2, (and maybe 1, and Takeoff all at the same time)

Love you all!

I thought to start it out with that, seeing as how I always ended with it before.
And seeing as how this may be POST FINALE
you must FINALE with an accent;
as in, FI-NAL-E
I thought two "I love you guys" would make up for this fact.
For those who I haven't told yet
and I'm sorry if this is your first hearing of it,
I am leaving for Provo Utah on Monday the 17th
of this selfsame month.
It appears my visa has not gone through yet
which would make some sense,
since I turned in a thing or two late XD
but nonetheless, I get to see Aunt Mindy and Uncle Jordan
Though I don't get to go to Texas to see Aunt Kathy, Uncle Kerry, and Kailey...
Not yay
Still, I am going to Brazil soon.
probably not
only because I don't feel nervous about the things I should be,
like being able to communicate at all.

So I love you all, and wish uma boa viagem, até nos encontrarmos novamente
Thank you, Google Translate :D
Silly me: needs a haircut


  1. clarification on the pronunciation of FI-NAL-E:

  2. Silly everyone else: we will miss you!!! :(