Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Countdown, 3...

Hullo all!

A cough drop to sooth my throat,
A calm convo with Ruth to sooth my head,
A little more time to write,
And then I'm off to bed. :D

Within the past two weeks, I have been traveling far and wide
aka, two states
in order to see a bunch of you guys.
Sadly, I know some of you feel left out,
because you were :|
particularly those either on a different hemisphere or area of the United States.
All I can say is:
I'm sorry :(
For those who I did visit/saw in the past two weeks,
getting to see you for the last time has made my
leaving feel a lot more tangible.

But don't cry for me,
meus meninas! (y meninos!),
and +5 points if you can guess
what that is a reference to.
for I'll be back again, and
we'll all be yay happy :D

Love you all

Silly me: got shot for the last time!
Silly pants: got covered in bleach