Sunday, October 2, 2011

Untitled (like the majority of the art exhibits I saw)

Hello everyone!
So I'm sitting here in Reynolds Hall (which is kind of U of C's version of Newcomb) in between GC sessions.

Update on my life:
Christine and I went to see Millenium park last week! Christine took some pictures of my non-photogenic awkward self (as you all know, photogenic-Ruth doesn't really show herself in the light of day much) in front of the bean. We also went to the Art Institute. There were a bunch of really neat exhibits (a lot of which I could understand that someone thought of as brilliant, even if I didn't really understand them), but I think my favorite was one by a guy named Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Along the top of the wall there was a "frieze-like self portrait" made up of dates and places from the artist's life. In one corner there was a pile of candies wrapped in multiple colors, a plaque offering the reader to take one, and a choking hazard warning for young children (I took an orange one and did not choke). Across the room was a stack of paper, with the same invitation, minus the choking warning (there is now one hanging on my bathroom door). There were also some lights strung from the wall to the floor in a small section, and a wall with a series of graphs with a line faded in different spots (neither of which really made any sense to me). Overall, I really liked it.

Anything else of interest? I had an interview Friday. The place is a bit of a drive, but I really liked the environment. I have another one tomorrow, several places that have not yet responded to my application, and a couple more that I need to apply to. (I know, I should have said: "and a couple more to which I need to apply," but that just sounds ridiculous.)

In any case, I hope you are all doing swimmingly and enjoying your respective situations. Miss you all!

 NB: What do you guys think of this as a hat to match Richard's scarf?


  1. I have not seen Richards scarf however that hat looks awesome!

  2. Ruthie, I do certainly like it; however, I am not your brother-in-law.
    Also, what is "the bean"?

  3. The bean is a big... metal sculpture(?) of sorts in millenium park. It is called the bean, because it is shaped like a bean!