Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Countdown, 4...

Items 1,2, and 3:
Some great songs and stories from childhood -

Item 4:
I hope the above made you laugh at their silliness, shake your head at mine, or do the Spanish "ohhhhhh!!!" laugh that Jose always does when he comes across something cool by sight or ear.

Item 5:
Songs and poems; books and games; friends and family; and on and on; sharing all these as memories and experiences link us together, even though we're in different continents, states, and towns.
Imagining one of Grandma's (or Ruthie's :D) quilts, we could be the several pieces of cloth, with the thread being those experiences that have bound us together. When there's enough thread to hold, and when done right, without bunching or overspacing, our family fabric is knit together, and we in the process.

For most of you who I know read this, I have had lots of time to get to know you.
For those of you who only have a few stitches between us, or to whom I am totally oblivious, know that it can and will grow with time, as we share experiences, as was previously mentioned.

In both cases, my goal is to ensure those knits and knots between you and me are how they should be. I certainly am not fully aquainted even with Johnny and Andrew, who I've probably spent the largest portion of my life with, excepting Mumsy, who had me for the first few years. But I want to be sure that our knits will hold for the long departure.

So what knitting experiences could we have together? What do you think we could do, as one-on-one? Let me know by email pwease. I've only got 4 weeks left until I leave on my mission, so now is our chance.

Not that I die after that, or that your chance is forever gone; but now is the best time to enforce those stitches before we part for a while, and before I get really busy. I certainly expect to still be connected to every one of you while I'm gone, and when I come back, no matter how far away you still are, or the circumstances of your life.

Like I said, distance isn't the big decidor (this is a word?) in this quiltdeal (this is not a word, nohow, noway) and so our stitches will continue to pull us together, if we keep providing life with the thread.

Love you all!

Silly me: didn't notice that spellchecker wasn't on
Silly Billy: rimes! (hehe...)
PS (Don't forget, I've given you a specific request, if you read care-fully)
PSS (I hoped you guys enjoyed the poem and songs. I did)
PSSS (I only remembered them because of Ruthie, so thanks to her)

PSSSS, shush Richard,

we're tired of your rambling.

Dokie day,

Love you all too. :D

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