Saturday, September 3, 2011


WHAT Happened?!

Life got busy with a capital "bɪzi" (except for the fact that you can't really capitalize IPA characters, and anyway, that's a whole word, not the first letter, so urging the capitalization of the whole word by giving a twist to the common idiomatic expression would be unconventional, but maybe appropiate? Just cause it was THAT busy).

Could I be more specific?

I moved, work started, 8-12 friends and acquaintances moved, set up activities fair, classes started, went to meetings, bought textbooks, changed classes, returned books, executed kickoff activity, bought new books, read books, got furniture, went to DC, cleaned church, did homework, missed wedding, am tired.

Maybe I should go back to generalizations.

Life has been busy.

Though to tell the truth, it's been busier than it had to be for me, because I have finally taken some time to just spend time with friends. The start of a new semester, combined with jobs, moving myself and various ward members, new classes, etc, has made for a lot of shake up, and many of my friends have moved to other states (geographical, not metaphorical) and stages of life (metaphorical, not literal). I'm glad I got to spend some time with them before they left.

I wasn't able to meet with everyone. In particular, I have a few friends and one dear brother with whom I was unable to hang out with before their departure for various points across the US and Africa.

Things will hopefully settle down at least to the point where I can stay on top of schoolwork and job. I keep rooting for you all in the meantime, and love to hear from you.

Risas y abrazos,


  1. | ˌəʊˈkeɪ | ðət wəz ˈdʒenrəl | səʊ wɒt ˈklɑːsɪz dɪd ju drɒp | ənd wɒt dɪd ju æd |

  2. I dropped a Spanish Grammar and Composition II class, and added a Spanish 4401 Literature of the Golden age. I had hoped that the grammar and comp would help me write and edit better (and it was a requirement for my major), but it turns out that I kind of bypassed it and am at such a different level that the teacher told me I had to switch (which I wanted to do anyway).

  3. so you don't have to take it for your major anymore?