Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hello everyone!

I'd like to make an announcement to you all.

I just realized I don't have anything to announce. So, strike that first bit.

I do have some things to relate however! Work is well (if assignment-packed and time-pressed). School is going pretty nicely, though I'd like to spend more time considering and digesting my readings, my schedule is such that I kind of just have to wolf them down and get started on the next to-do item. Assignments are rather labor-intensive, but nothing outside the possible-with-effort range

Social life has been jam-packed with all sorts of stuff, sometimes so much so that I long for the time to catch up on sleep or clean my room a bit, but it's been great to see friendships grow stronger and to be able to support friends who are going through rough times. Few friends have moved, I'll miss them. Some have had birthdays, I've celebrated with them. Some have had crisis or urgent needs, and I've been grateful that they trust me enough to turn to for some small things.

All I seem to do here is talk about how incredibly busy life is. Lets see... Something less boring, something about me... 
My favorite class this semester so far has been Adolescent Psychology. Pretty amazing stuff. Quite practical.

Well, that's plenty.

Feel free to shoot me a call any night. If I don't answer, I'll make sure to call you back as soon as I can.

I love you all, please take a moment and think of how cool you are, and how much you deserve the high fives I am mentally giving you right now.


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