Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Notice: Tuesday

A thunder cloud, a rhino, and a peace sign pin. Headphones, knitting supplies, legal advertisements.
Crickets, the fans, Ruth and a muffled Christine, and my croaky sighs.
Residue of toast, spagehtti noodles, butter, and seasonings.
Edges of Ruth's bedhead boards, glasses on my nose.

We soak in so many things, all at once, without even noticing sometimes.
It would be almost impossible for us to delve into everything around us.
Admittedly, we try; but there is so much of it, and so little of ourselves.
I'm sure Ruthie or Joseph
can go into further detail,
on our brain capacity,
and so forth.
There is a hierarchy of importance in everyone's life, where we choose.
What is deserving of attention now? And then? What about tomorrow?

And then when something is gone, we miss it.
I write this last statement because I soon leave work,
and will greatly miss the people who are there.
But still, there is exciting enough of a future.

Sorry it's so unfocused and uncoolnness. Silly me :)
I'll be coming out to visit family soon :D

Love you all, and will miss you greatly

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  1. Your opening randomness illustrates your main point very well. The 'unfocused' portion works as a better focus than if you had tried to be precise.