Sunday, September 25, 2011

I have a confession to make

It is not really Sunday the 25th, 10:07pm. In actuality, it is Monday the 26th, 1:33pm central time (meaning 2:33pm EST). I am at the Blackstone Chicago Public Library using their free internet. Internet should be at the apartment by Wednesday evening (fingers crossed).

So...I'm here! And I really don't have much of interest to report. The drive was relatively uneventful (no 15 ft dinosaurs or sprawling castles). I arrived Thursday just before 5pm here (6pm there; getting the hang of it?). I parallel parked on S Dorchester St, and it took me so long a little kid walking past with his mother stopped to watch the whole thing. Today I did a better job though. It seems I can learn! Christine showed me around part of the U of C campus Friday, and it's really rather pretty. There are lots of trees everywhere, and the architecture is beautiful. (Though I will have to ask Richard as to whether it is legit, or just facade. Wouldn't want to confuse the two you know. What what.)

It is really quite amazing how very bored you can get without the internet on hand (especially when you left the majority of your books packed several states away in the bottom of a small closet). Being reduced to solitaire and tile games for the majority of Saturday, it makes one realize that computers have really just become a vehicle for accessing the internet. And we used to spend hours playing pinball and that hover-car version of capture the flag on our old black Compaq. Not any more I guess. But never fear! I am perfectly capable of keeping myself productively occupied. Richard's scarf is over half-way done. I've also started up quilting again (by which I mean I did it for approximately 25 mins yesterday for the first time in months).

And now I'm on to more job searching. Hope everything is going well. I miss you all!!


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