Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not Nauvoo

Yes, this post is not about Nauvoo. So what you say? EVERY post so far has not been about NAUVOO IL!

Well, yes that's true. But there's a difference this time. This post was supposed to be about Nauvoo. We were going to go there today, but the temple is closed so we are going tomorrow. Ruth is going too! So maybe next week's will be somewhat about Nauvoo, a little bit anyway.

I'm still in IL until Monday, but just got some information about a job I applied for in WV which sounds great. So, some good news on that front. Otherwise this post will be much less interesting than Adrianna's post. Mine usually are--I set low expectations. That way when I do have a great post like last week, it can really wow you. That doesn't really work though, because who's really still reading the blog anyway? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? Sound off if you're here?


  1. IM READING :D GO JOHNNY! and the OC blog one was super cools too read. sadly hallmates arent as keen as watching the news as i am :-/ ...oh add more pictures!!

  2. Oh dad, people are still reading the blog. I have really enjoyed all the posts. Even when I don't comment on them, I think about the topics picked up throughout the day.