Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Unexpected Guest

I came home from Chicago Monday night. It was a very good trip. I was tired. Before unpacking, and as I was letting people know I had arrived safely, I noticed that the inside of living room window frame had been shredded. No, I'm not kidding, and YES shredded is exactly what I mean. I'm not exaggerating. What? You still don't believe me? Fine. Want to see some pictures?

Yes all those chips on the floor were part of the window frame. I agree with you it IS shredded. That's what I said.

'What happened?'

That's what I wanted to know too.

I looked around. No droppings anywhere. Rat poison untouched.

On the other side of the house a loaf of bread on the kitchen counter was untouched. Apples in a mesh bag partially rotten. Bag uncut. Did something eat in between the mesh or did the rotting happen on its own?

The toaster in the kitchen was knocked over and a plate was knocked off the counter and broken in the middle of the floor.

The glass of the window with the shredded frame is smudged all over. All the windows were locked, and the doors as well. The only openings from the outside I could see were a couple of small holes in the ceiling to the attic, and a sliver around a not very well hung light fixture.

Yet something had gotten in and probably had trouble getting out. I couldn't figure out what it might be. My conclusion was that it was most likely a bat. Here's why. No droppings. Stuff disturbed on both ends of the house (no walls in between). Food untouched. Rat poison untouched. And just before I left they were exterminating bats in the house in front of us. A bat might recognize the window and try to get out that way. Still would a bat shred the wood that much?
I went to bed without a sure answer.

From what you know, what could have shredded the window?

Sound off with your guesses in the comments below. THEN check out what I learned today:

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