Monday, November 28, 2011

Yes, it is Monday.

And I am posting! In case you couldn't tell from the lack of pictures (not to mention multiple consecutive exclamation points and emoticons), this is not Adrianna.
What?! Why is this not Adrianna?!!
Didn't you read my post last week? We're changing things!
Why not? Change is fun! 
It's a new surprise everyday! Never know who might post!
Sounds suspiciously like anarchy to me. 
Think of how things will be scrambled.
Now that's just ridiculous.
No it's not!!! It's already started.
You're stealing Richard's format!
Why yes, I see that I am. I'll revert back. Sorry about that.
(You're still wrong though, residual spirit of Adrianna's posts).
To clarify our new schedule: Monday I post; Tuesday Johnny posts; and Adrianna has Saturdays.
Ever other day of the week is as previously constituted (that is unless someone wants Sundays....?).

Enough with the administrative blabber! After all, the reason you guys read this is to find out about my life, right? What's going on with Ruth, right? Well, I will tell you. About two weeks ago I scheduled an appointment to give blood at 12:30pm today. Unfortunately I got sick within those two weeks, and while I am pretty much recovered (barring a couple still-swollen lymph nodes), I thought it would probably not be the best idea to donate (mostly because I would not want to be responsible for making other people sick [also it is not allowed]).

In closing, please watch this video so you will know what to do if someone has a seizure!

(Love you all)

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