Sunday, November 20, 2011

Read this so you can reply to all of the important points I raise!

First of all, if you are only reading this because of the title, I would suggest you skip to the last couple paragraphs.

Now, on with talking about my life(!):

I learned a new skill since last I blogged. I am now a tatter! Ta da!!
What is tatting? It is essentially the process of tying a series of whole hitches to make lace. While I am not personally an avid fan of (most) doilies, there are lots of other cool things that can be made by tatting.

In case you are wondering how my NaNoWriMo is going, I will tell you that it is not at the moment. I was doing rather well until sometime last-Tuesday-ish, when my tatting supplies came in the mail (hurrah for amazon gift cards!).

Christine and I went downtown yesterday for an assignment for one of her classes. We went first to the Chicago Cultural Center (which used to be the Chicago Library), where we saw some neat exhibits and found information on free cultural events being held there within the next couple months. Afterwards, we went to a farmer's market that was not really a farmer's market at all. Instead, it was a store that got its goods from local farms. (No, that is not the same thing as a farmer's market!) They had some free recipes, so I nabbed one for artichoke soup to try out (Don't judge me! It looked really good... It has bacon in it!)

Friday night, Christine and I made hot chocolate. We happened to have some leftover cream in the fridge, so Christine threw some sugar in it and whipped it into (drum roll...) whipped cream! So we had homemade hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream! In foresight, this was probably not as amazing and ingenious an idea as it tasted, considering milk worsens congestion (Did I mention I'm a little sick? Don't worry; I'm getting better). I can't find it in myself to regret it though. It was delicious (and very very rich).

So, a few administrative details before I close: I realize that many of us have undergone lifestyle changes since first starting the blog, and I was wondering if it would be helpful to switch around everyone's days? I could rustle up a doodle poll or some such thing...

Also, is everyone up for doing secret Santa again this year? If we are going to do it again, I can set it up with everyone's emails. I think we mentioned before, cheap/homemade gifts and spend more if you so choose (Yay for being broke students/graduate!).

So respond in comments and let me know what you think!
Miss you guys.


  1. An example comment might look like:

    "Reschedule blog days: That would be helpful.
    Secret Santa: I love gifts!

    P.S. Ruth, you are the best sister in the history of the internet."

    Just saying guys...

  2. Not an example.

    Switching days would be fine.

    Everyone wanted to do secret santa, I just haven't done set it up like i promised yet.


    Relationship between milk intake and mucus production in adult volunteers challenged with rhinovirus-2.

    Epistemology to the rescue!

  4. Really?! This means I can make more today! Well, assuming what I have falls in the rhinovirus category (which I suppose is not that big of an assumption). And that the results are replicable. We must be careful not to cherry pick studies, even if it results in delicious hot chocolate!

  5. Um as for rescheduling :D hehe i am horrible about posting but saturday works great unless someone who posts more (EVERYONE) wants it :P
    Santa! -> very yes gifts = fun :D
    RUTHIE FOR PRESIDENT :) loves u ruth!

  6. Maybe thursdays or fridays for me?

  7. Reschedule blog days: I have no say
    Secret Santa: I thought everyone knew about that guy already

    I really just did this so I could support Ruth's campaign for president too...VOTE RUTH!