Saturday, November 19, 2011

Homework Curse

I had not thought about what to say
Nor known my post would go this way
I had not forseen this rhyming verse
Rather, I think it’s a product of my homework curse

What is this curse you ask, my friend?
Why a horrible thing of fright and gloom
Regardless the effort and time that I spend
I get nothing done, just doze off in my room.

Sad it is, but true, but true!
Think you not I’d like my coursework to do?
But my curse it prevents me, oh were it not so!
My distractions are legion, and Facebook, my foe

Whether at library, at home, outside or on bus
I cannot do work, so why make a fuss?
My fabled will-power has turned into jelly
Might as well just give up and turn on the telly.


  1. This is a random rhyme I threw out in 15 minutes that I spent not doing homework. The views herein expressed by the poetic voice are under full artistic license and do not necessarily represent the opinions of any author real or dead. Or both.

    Oh, and yes, I know it's cheesy. :)

  2. makes me think of bill watterson