Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday is a special day (and now it's mine)

I'm stealing Saturday. I hope no one minds overmuch.

So this post was originally going to be about winter. I was going to write about the hour or so I spent shoveling snow this morning (which was actually very satisfying), finishing my parking area just as more snow started falling. I was going to gripe about the negative temperatures (if this doesn't make you feel better about your current situation, I have no idea what will). I was going to soliloquize on regrettable choices (mine specifically), wondering what drove me to this frozen wasteland (and why exactly it took me two and a half winters to question it as a life plan). Seriously, it was going to be great.

As it turns out however, I actually talked to about half of you (my lovely family) on the phone today and already kind of spilled my entire rant. The rest of you have heard it before anyway.

But never fear(!): I came up with a new idea that is even better! This post will be about......


(Just give me a minute)

Um... Cats? Nail clippings? Crosswords? Inspiration?

Sorry, I've got nothing. I remember thinking as a kid that inspiration was all about mood, that there was little point trying to create if you just weren't feeling it (don't judge too harshly; I was seven). In the intervening years, I have decided that said philosophy is completely ridiculous. Creating something (as I'm sure you are all aware) is about work and time too. And honestly, I didn't put in the time to be inspired. This post is my consequence. But, as I spent my afternoon talking to you all instead, I catalog it under Time Well Spent.

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  1. If someone else prefers Saturday, they are welcome to challenge me to a duel over it.