Monday, January 6, 2014

Your turn

So, I had another word for us to reflect on, but I decided it needed more thought process. It was like the cookies I made the other day: burnt on the bottom and uncooked at the top. 
So, rather than ruin that idea, I found an alternative. It's your turn to do an analytical decision.
Below is a scene. In a concise manner, describe the tone/theme of the picture. Rather than physical setting/"what is happening", describe what thoughts it provokes in you. 


  1. Okay, an 'analytical decision'? You want me to think and work? How dare you! I am supposed to read your blog post, and you are supposed to do all the work. Isn't that obvious? But an audience alone isn't enough and you want conversation too do you?

    Well okay then. Concise-ish and thoughtful-ish coming up.

    Moving from dark to light while enveloped by caring. Learning, faith, and hope from smallest to largest. Encircling, safe, protective, and encouraging while challenging, expecting, and striving.

  2. Thoughts provoked in me:

    Man, some parents are seriously over-concerned. This is obviously their first kid. If the kid can stand, the kid can handle a little fall. That's how he/she will learn! Pain and tears! They're important!

    Also, did you know that motor learning in infancy doesn't transfer very much in between modes (crawling, walking, etc)? Isn't that weird?

    (Also also, nurturing, loving, all that fun stuff.)

  3. Looks like your post is turning into a bit of a Rorschach Test. Answers give more insight to the respondent's situation than they illuminate the actual picture. :) Mine--nostalgic empty-nester. Ruth's--preschool teacher!

  4. I get to thinking of watching when I look at this picture. The sculptures are watching each other, and we are watching them watch each other. Sort of how voyeuristic a lot of learning and experience is. Also, I get a feeling of unfinished (but not in a bad way), the crude sculptures, the young character (I'm assuming the little sculpture is a child), even the framing of the picture (dirt on the carpet, a slight view of molding in the upper left corner). Unfinished in a real way (like how many of my projects tend to be :/)

  5. Ok Joseph, your turn. What do you see in the ink blots? :P