Monday, January 13, 2014



So, to respond to Dad's inquisition in my own blog:
I tend to do fun stuff in my free time, like eat and go to ward activities!

Word of the Blog:

: all the societies of the world

While other definitions exist, civilization as stated by my MSE professor was the above. To him, other usages (Mayan civilization, Indian Civilization, etc) is actually culture.
Two insights:
1- (general linguistics) words are very accurate; or can be, depending on the wielder of words. They can mean multiple things, but also we may not understand what actually lies behind our words.
2- My professor explained the specifics of the word civilization thus: People advancing; humanity moving forward; pushing for better, faster, stronger.

Having put us through that drill, I wish to present a second, complementary definition -

:refinement of thought, manners, or taste

I love the fact to think that our innate desire is to "superar" (Portuguese for "surmount" or "overcome"), to be more than we once were.

Civilization celebrates creating! Yay!

Love you all

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