Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stealing Sunday

Thou shalt not....steal? Does a blog day count?

Actually what I'm doing is more like claiming something unused. Kind of like American Settlers claimed unused land in Oklahoma and elsewhere.... Uh, on second thought, this is nothing like that. Claiming a blog post day is completely innocuous. All I'm doing is making electrons move in specific patterns, against their will. Electrons don't have wills so I'm okay right?

If you happen to still be reading, I'm not really even claiming the day--it just seems to be when I have more time to post, but if you want to post on Sunday too, by all means go ahead and post. :) So onto some kind of content maybe? I was thinking that when we were all together we pretty much always knew what each other were reading, watching, or otherwise doing for enjoyment. I often found new things to enjoy because I saw that you enjoyed them. Then I thought we could have an enjoyment and entertainment check up now if we wanted! So what are you doing right now in your spare time and why do you like doing it?

My activities include but are not limited to:

American Grace - a long but facinating book on religion in the United States, how different congregations function, what people in them think, what others think about them, and how this affects our culture.
Hyperbole and a Half (no link or explanation needed) - Thanks Ruth!

Television... Really? yep
Sherlock - Sherlock Holmes set in the 21st century. Sounds meh doesn't it? But it is created/written by Steven Moffat! And everyone knows the best Doctor Who episodes are always the ones he writes. The writing here is exactly what you'd expect from Moffat--intricate, character driven, and gripping.

Occasional visits to someone in Indiana--because I can :) Your turn....

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  1. Things that take up my free time:

    Writing letters/emails to people I love (namely Dri and Johnny)
    Calling people I love (namely, all of you)
    Reading Going Postal (Joseph--I'm actually quite enjoying it. I got to a very interesting part!)
    Watching (Dr. Who, Elementary [Sorry Dad :P], Emma Approved, Castle)
    Budgeting/Filing taxes

    And that is the extent of semi-interesting activities in my life!