Monday, December 30, 2013


I guess I'm going with the C's before the A's and B's, but it happens to be what comes to me.

"Create - to bring into existence

Origin of CREATE
Middle English, from Latin creatus, past participle of creare; akin to Latin crescere to grow"
- Merriam Webster Dictionary Online

Two things have led me to think about creation: first,  having watched a broadcast that Grandma showed me, about weaving generations; and second, having finished Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen.
In the broadcast, David Mcullough says that there is no true self-made man. We are all affected by the world we live in. This being said, we cannot help being creators. We all bring something into existence - mostly unnoticed in society as large, because 6 billon other creators are working as well. But it is amazing to think that, while I am in no way self-made, my individual experiences and how I perceive and react to them makes me completely unique to any other creator.
As we invest in our own well-being and of those around us (through service, arts, culture, etc) , we invest in our creative abilities. Each of you is a unique creator, who has abilities to invest in.

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