Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wednesday on Thursday.

It's Thursday. Yes, I know it is Wednesday now that you are reading this, but it is Thursday right now while I am writing the post.

And do you know why I'm writing my Wednesday post on Thursday? You get two guesses. No not three, just two.

Yep that's the reason. Those two gaping holes on the last two Wednesdays when I completely forgot to post.

The interesting thing to me is not that I forgot something...that's pretty normal. I forget things all the time. Where did I put my keys again?

What I find intriguing is that both weeks I spent time thinking about what I would write on Wednesday all week long and then when Wednesday came, wrote NOTHING! What does that say?

If you think about it, this happens all the time. I'm going to clean my room this week. I'm going cut fix that doorknob. I'm really going to start spending time actually writing my novel. We might think about these things frequently and even plan the in detail during a given time and then decide I'm too tired or busy at the moment but I really will get to it later.

We have a finite amount of time and easily recognize good things to do. But if I really want to get some one thing in particular done, I have to decide a specific time (preferably quite a bit early), and the next specific time after that--putting that task in front of others that would push it to the side until getting it done becomes a habit and it begins getting in the way of other things..... time to readjust again I guess.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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