Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Triumph!

Yay! No more TakeOver Tuesday!
Richard's back!
But he does still have to go to the Candle Caves
Most days, for half of his life.
(It's actually not too bad;
I come home smeeling
fresh and candley!)
However, the candle caves are full during
the morning, with other kidnappees. So I
go in the evening, which means that I sleep
during the day.
Which is why I'm posting at
this ridiculuously early
So yeah, you've heard it all.
We're moving,
I'm working,
you're being cool,
as usual. :D
And it's 7:11.
Slurpee time :D
I want......
And how about you?
Oop, it's 7:12, you don't get one :(
Too slow.
It's ok, I didn't get one either.
Today I smeel of vanilla, probably with
a slight hint of perfect winter and fresh linen.
But really, the candle caves aren't that
You get paid, which is nice.
I'd never heard of
kidnappees getting
paid, but maybe it's
like workers comp
or something.
Whcih makes nooo sense,
because I didn't have a
paying job.
So yay.

I have run out of things
with which to type.
That made no sense,
as my keyboard isn't flying away.
Lemme try that again.
I have run out of things
to write.
Much better.
Nothing like a triumphal scentence
to bridge your thoughts and others minds.
Wait, what?
Just forget it.

Silly me: Smells like a candle yet to be lit on fire (No, that is not permission!)
Silly Rabbit: [you're awesome if you're the first to complete the phrase by commenting!]

Call if you ever wanna talk
Love you all :D

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