Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby socks

I like tea. Especially wild sweet orange. Which I happen to be drinking as I am writing this. It doesn't taste too wild, but yes on the sweet orangish.
Guess What? No, you aren't going to guess it.
I cut my hair.
I cut MY OWN hair.
With the help of Olivia, who did some of the back and let me know if the parts I couldn't see were uneven.
So now it is a glorious 1/2 inch.
I am also having a series of really weird dreams. For instance, last night I dreamed that one of Olivia's friends (not really a real person but a dream person) hated my guts. She then became a zombie and her entire purpose was to hunt me down. It was terrifying and it finally ended when someone beheaded her and ran over the head.
Hopefully this tea will help with the mixing of my brains at night.
And now I have a charger that works, so my computer isn't on life support!
My boss at The River Project this week and most of next, so she gave me the keys. I go in first and let all the interns in (because I come in everyday) and then we do our duties (feeding the fish, checking the traps, checking on the oysters, etc.)
In around 5 weeks I'm going to be on a plane to Kenya. Now is the stressful time making sure I've got everything I need and have everything in order.
Congratulations to Josh and Allison for Harrison Xavier!
In his honor here are two baby songs from the best cartoon ever, Adventure Time!