Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OtherNews Tuesday

Hullo all!

There are some seriously awesome people in this world.
I think there's a family of them in every area.
You know, those ones who are so nice and cool, and
they have little kids,
who are equally awesome,
and always are the
funniest little guys ever.
Yeah, those kind of people?
I like them.

So, in other news, I got a job.
working third-shift.
something about moving
boxes from point A to point B.
Yay!!!! :D
Think Tetris at 4 AM,
but in 3-D.
In a packaging company
You're getting there.
And in more other news,
there are two groundhogs out and about
(No, not the steakhouse.
The backyard)
I'm sure there is more other news,
so please post it, and make it funny too....
'Cus that's how we roll.
:D Love you all alot.
I hope to get to see you all soon.

Oh yes, silly things:
Silly me: Almost forgot about this post, and so has had to cut it short, and not go on about silly funny stuff going on in life.
Silly Johnny: got highfived in the face at least ten times today :D

Love you guys


  1. yes... Ten hours of Tiring Tetris ThreeD To Take Thy Treasure To The Trust Company.... :) okay... that didn't turn out to great..

  2. that last comment was me, not johnny btw