Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today is Tuesday

And have a jolly good Wednesday all of you :D

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  1. So, it would have been extremely lazy of my to just leave it as is. Therefore, the rest of the post shall be in comment form.

    It seemed more dramatic to leave the post as a one liner.
    And now you'll be sure to have a good Wednesday, because you read my entire post, and that is the entirety of my entire post, besides the title, which is merely background info.
    (I mean, how much sense would it have made if I said this on Friday?)

    In any case, I seem to find it easier to be happy when you purposefully try to be, and are willing to work for it.

    Certain things, known as the "not-so-important-things-in-life", or NSITIL, will certainly bother you to no end if you allow them to. But in consciously trying to be happy, and not letting NSITIL get you down, you can enjoy the SITIL much more.

    Of course, everything has something not quite whole about it. There are obviously times where being traditionally "happy" may not be such a good idea. In such cases, being optimistic about it should be good.

    In any case, I have no real backing for this, but it seems to make real sense.
    Oh, and I really meant for you to have a jolly Wednesday. :D

    Love you all :D

    Silly me: Ate an enourmouse amount of homemade chicken and turkey pie :D It tasted soooo goood
    Silly Ruth and Dad: Made it way too yummy (Thanks!)