Saturday, July 9, 2011

Joseph is Beardful!!

Due to requests from various persons (mostly Dri) today's post is focused on one thing only. The Beard.

So why grow a beard? Well, I've always thought it would be fun to try, and now that I have, I can give you some seriously legit reasons why you might want to consider if growing a beard is right for you.

Reason 1. It's fuzzy It's like having a pillow glued to your face, only comfortably. Who wouldn't want that?

Reason 2. I don't have to shave anymore
My life is all the sweeter now when I wake up and can concentrate my befuddled senses on putting food into my mouth, instead of scraping sharp metal blades on my face.Reason 6. I lost my razors when I moved and didn't buy more.

Reason 3. It looks pretty nice
I think you would all agree, anything that hides my face is a step in the right direction.

Reason 4. People no longer think I'm a first year.
As nice as looking youthful is, it's hard to be taken seriously sometimes when others assume you're fresh out of high school, instead of half a decade out of high school.

These are just a couple the reasons I decided to try it out, and there are a bunch of others, less face acne, increased UV protection, childhood dream of becoming Tevye etc.

Stroking a beard can make you look thoughtful instead of clueless.

Serious face is more serious with a beard.

And crazy face is way more crazy with a beard.

Those statements now being made, this rather narrow blogpost comes to an end. I'll probably shave before too long. Right now, the beard's a little long to tell the truth. Eating smores through a beard is an interesting challenge.

Here are some links if you like silly beard-related things.


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  3. ah, it does sound quite advantageous... but alas, not for me... I only shave 1-2 a week, and so it would take several weeks for any to appear,and i'm not about to go through that terrible "mid-scraggle" thing where you look like you've got a dirty face. No, not for me....
    yet :D

  4. Okay, I have the formatting right finally:

    Joseph, good work on the facial hair. You show promise. With work, you could even be good enough to compete internationally!

  5. T_T now i wants face beard but sadly my genetics are near the same state as richard so bleh. no nifty UV protection for me