Monday, January 30, 2012

You'll take to the sky

What do I have to say today?!

I started reading Harry Potter e la Pietra Filosofale! (Three cheers for public libraries!)
It is very slow going. I'm still in the first chapter.
There are a lot of things I've forgotten about the first book. Admittedly, it's been over ten years since I last read it. I'm learning lots of new vocabulary as well ('un gufo', per esempio, is an owl).

Songs for the week:

I am now in the 40s. How time flies...

Love and miss you all.


  1. Hey, I just noticed: It's the blog's birthday today!! :)

  2. Hey guys! I don't mean to be annoying, but I just found out about some really cool things I wanted to share with you!

    First of all:
    This is a really cool sounding event. Basically, you sign up and choose a book you like from the list. They give you a location to pick up a box of 20 or so copies of said book, then you go out and give them to people! For free!! Unfortunately I think the deadline to sign up is Tomorrow....

    Second of all: