Monday, January 23, 2012

You bring on the rain

It rained today!
Why is this a good thing?
Because that means it wasn't snowing! Also, all of the rain cleared the snow off of my car for me. And it didn't even ice, because it was almost forty degrees.

Favorites from this past week's musical selection (1928-1933):
Bolero, Maurice Ravel
When you're smiling, Louis Armstrong
It don’t mean a thing (if it ain’t got that swing), Duke Ellington

You're getting to be a habit with me, Bing Crosby

Notable things about this past week:
     -I finished three books. Don't be too impressed. I started
The Handmaid's Tale a while ago, but I just picked it up again recently. TFIOS is a young adult book (so a fast read). And Howl is a book of poems (and was only sixty pages long).
     -Days pass really quickly.

(Debatably) Notable things about today:
I took a shower. (Did you? We might have this is common!)

(As previously stated,) It rained.
I cleaned and organized my shelves (the closet seems much larger now).
Lasagna for dinner!

Love you all.


  1. I just realized I didn't post Sunday! So I went and checked.... and you posted back to back! I'll get a post in tomorrow since no one has it!

    Actually, I took a shower yesterday too. How strange is that?

  2. Hurray! It is nice to have a catch-all day. Too bad Richard had to leave for it to happen....