Monday, January 16, 2012

A Morning Sorrow Song

First of all: sorry everyone if my posts have been naggy of late. This was supposed to be no stress, so I apologize if I have pressured anyone!

In other news, a friend of mine (yes, I do have a couple), started a "100 days project" recently. Basically, the idea is you choose an activity of some sort, then you preform that activity every day for one hundred days. For example, several people involved are taking a picture every day. Some people are drawing every day. Christine is knitting every day. I initially played with the idea of writing every day, but I've never been particularly comfortable sharing unfinished sketches or rough drafts with other people. With the help of lots of external input, I settled on finding a new song every day. To complicate things (cheers for complications!), I decided to limit each day to a year, starting with 1912 and working my consecutively to 2011. So, by the end I will have spanned a hundred years of music!

Sounds great in theory, right? Well, it's actually pretty great in practice! Barring a few minor problems that is...
Starting with, how do you find music from 1912? Because I wanted actual recordings, original if possible. Luckily(!), the library of congress has a "National Jukebox" up online with thousands of historical recordings available for free. Isn't the library of congress amazing?! Seriously, one of us has to become/marry a Senator or something (alternatively, one of us could raise a kid to do so, Skinner style).

Anyway, I figured I'd include a couple of my favorites so far.
I can live without you, Olive Kline
Memphis blues, W.C. Handy
Dardanella, Ben Selvin's Novelty Orchestra

This week I will be breaking into the thirties. Swing jazz here I come!

By the way, it's 2012. What?!!?!
 Lots of new albums coming out this spring though. I'm excited!

Christine and I made a chocolate cake last night. It was delicious.

Good luck to everyone who has recently begun, or will soon begin classes (Dad, Andrew, Adrianna, Olivia, Sarah, Joseph, and Johnny)! Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Love and miss you all.

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