Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Made This

Hello Everyone!

Another quick post tonight, and it's about something I made! And, no surprise, it's animal related.

So I had bought all these outdated field guides at rummage sales years ago, and sometime last year I cut out all the pages with animals on them, because they were pretty and the books were from the eighties, and so pretty much useless now. Classification changes a lot over several decades.

The stack of the cut out pages was approximates 1.5 inches high (I'm guestimating here, so it is very approximate), but so, a lot of pictures of animals.

I figured they could make a cool display on the wall, some nice interior designing. There was a box that wasn't being used, so I hacked it apart and harvested its flesh as panels. I then did a lot of measuring to mark where the edges of the pages would be for equal distance between pictures (trying to maximize aesthetic value). I then notched diagonal slots so that the pictures would stay in place but also be easily removed and replaced. This way it's a rotating display of cool illustrations of animals.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Interior Decorating with Animals: No Need for Dead Bodies or Taxidermy. Tune in sometime later for the exciting new episode, No, Don't Taxidermy Your Pets, Display Them, and Pet Them Constantly: It's a Little Tacky and Weird for Guests.
From left to right: Insect panel, bird panel, amphibian/reptile panel, and fish/rays/assorted sea life panel. Sorry for the terrible picture quality.


  1. Soo much less scary than taxidermy if I say so myself

  2. The title of the next episode is so hilarious I want to cry. Also, really cool system Andrew! I'd love to see it in person.

  3. file under 'This is so Andrew' :)

    I like it.