Sunday, February 9, 2014

Do ALL THE THINGS!--or How to Get Everything Done.

Today's post is about achieving all of your dreams; having a perfect life; and accomplishing everything you ever wanted to do.

There are several ways to do this, which is why we know so many people who manage to keep their new year's resolutions not just for the year but for their entire lives. What? You don't know how to do this? Okay then, I'll let you in on the secret below.

The first method: Abandon your myopic view of time. Time does not have to be unidirectional. You missed that deadline for posting a blog on Sunday and now it is Tuesday. You might think you are late; that you didn't get everything done in time. You couldn't be more wrong.

This wrong headed thinking springs from a misunderstanding of time. Scripture says that all things are PRESENT with God. This obviously means that God as a perfect being has no deadlines! Every day or any day is Sunday. The blog isn't late after all! You typed it on both Tuesday the 11th and Sunday the 9th. Just click the schedule and post buttons and adjust accordingly. :) Done, and on time at that!

One of our* favorite characters, Dr. Who, uses time in this way traveling in any direction he likes and we all know how content and efficient he is. He always gets everything he wants done on time, is never hurried or pressured, and has no regrets for things not done or not done well enough.

If you find yourself unable to grasp nonlinear tasking or unpersuaded that it would really solve all of your problems because you simply cannot transcend your personal subjective unidirectional experience of time, never fear. There is another method to get everything done.

The problem may be as simple as adjusting what you want to get done. Simply stop wanting to do certain things! You didn't get that blog post done? Your dishes are piling up? You haven't earned enough money to buy food? Stop caring about it so much! We all know that as Siddhartha is remembered by many as teaching, to exist is to suffer and that our own wants cause much of that suffering. If we reduce our wants, we reduce our suffering. An obvious but overlooked corellary to this is that if we reduce what we want to do, to what we would do anyway we get everything done!

Simply stop wanting do do those dishes, or eat food, and your problem is solved!

Now I've given you two different and opposing methods which you can use to get everything done and live more happily because of it.

If for some reason you can't make these work, don't blame me--I've taught you better. I guess you'll just have to work out a balance on your own perhaps using Panda's advice: "There is no secret ingredient."

*'Our' here could be collective if you also like Dr. Who. If you don't like him, then obviously I was using our in the royal sense. Second person = first person. See I'm right either way!

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