Monday, December 26, 2011

It is Monday, and I take back my apology!

I was going to mention that this is the first time that we have had someone post back-to-back, but I wanted to be accurate so I started going through all the old posts. You may not have noticed, but we have 167 posts, which is quite a lot of scrolling. So I'm not going to mention it, because I didn't bother to finish checking.
Speaking of 167 posts, we've almost had this up for a year!

In other news: We got to talk to Richard yesterday! He seemed very happy, though there were quite a few pauses while he searched for the English equivalent of some of the terms he had learned. We recorded the conversation, so hopefully the sound worked out ok.

Some kind of transition....
I got an carved giraffe from Andrew! Joseph also got one, but mine is much cooler. It would definitely win in a fight (either physical or intellectual). I haven't come up with a name yet, but I am brainstorming.

Aunt Sara and co. came this morning, so we've been able to spend some fun time with them. All of our cousins are so much taller than they were before. Uncle Pete and Aunt Sarah should be here tomorrow.

I'm kind of bummed that I'll only see Adrianna for a day or two. And I won't get to see Andrew at all :(
But I did enjoy talking to you both on the phone.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday! Sorry I have nothing interesting to post.... I am a little tired at the moment. Maybe I will add something really neat and fascinating in the comments tomorrow to make up for it. Or maybe I am just saying that to keep you all on your toes. Who knows?

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  1. Not necessarily neat or interesting, but I finished Richard's hat!