Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Cometh

Hmm... Over the next couple of weeks, it will be nice to see most of you are reading this.


No.... I WASN'T implying that there are some of you I don't want to see.... Just that ... I know I won't get to see everyone who reads this, but at least I'll get to see many of you, and I'll enjoy that.


Yes, you're right. I should be more careful with my words.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll get to see lots of the kids and other family, and I do look forward to it. Notable exceptions: Andrew and Richard.


For crying out loud! Of course I want to see them too. Would you give it a rest a minute? It's just that well, Richard is in Brazil, and Andrew is on his way home from Africa, but won't be visiting family. :(

Andrew will be attending Guilford again Spring Semester, so it shouldn't be too much longer before I get to see him a little.

Ok... so you want the current itinerary?


Not really? Hold on this is actually interesting, or at least I think it is. It could easily be one of those SAT word problem questions.... (Bob, Mike, Jane, Francis, Mary, Paul, and Samantha must all meet and all share the same transportation during a portion of their journey. Bob must meet Francis at X at 1:00 , but Francis must arrive at B no later than 1:05. Paul is available to meet at....)

11 December--Andrew arrives in NYC. Stays for Holidays.
11 December--I drive to Charlottesville VA after church.
12 December--Joseph or Johnny drives me to the airport and I fly to Chicago.
12-17 December--follow up on job leads in Illinois, visit Judi, and attend Chloe's wedding.
12 December--Ruth and Christine leave Chicago for VA
12-18 December--Ruth visits with Sara, Zoey, Christine, Joseph, Johnny, and others in VA.
18 December--Joseph, Johnny, or Ruth picks me up from airport in VA. We drive to WV.
27 December--Joseph heads back to VA and starts working again.
28 December--Adrianna flies to Charleston WV. Joseph, Johnny, Ruth, and or I pick her up.
30 or 31 December--We all head to VA to pick up Ruth's car and then Ruth heads to Richmond to pick up Christine. They drive on to Chicago, and Adri, Johnny, and I head to NC.
31 December--I pick up Judi in Greensboro
8 January--We drop Adrianna and Judi off at Greensboro Airport.
13, 14, or 15 January--I drive Johnny back to Virginia for classes.
October 2013--Richard reenters the United States.

Oh and I'm supposed to speak in church in Dobson NC on December 25th!.... Now my head is really spinning.

Still reading? think this is way too much information? Don't worry it will all be different tomorrow if the current pattern keeps up.

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  1. We will be down from NY to NC on the 7th, so I'll get to see some of you!