Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer’s empty room

So.... everyone's gone, and the house is rather quiet. Adrianna left us. Joseph came and left. Johnny left. Andrew came and left....
Richard and Dad are still here though, which makes me happy! Though we do miss everyone.

I had a brilliant idea for a post earlier today! Unfortunately, by earlier I mean about-half-an-hour-ago. So, I think I will try to post it next week, as I don't really have the time today. Consequently, I'm afraid this post will be a bit of a let-down. I figured, however, that you all would rather I posted a somewhat cop-out of a post than not at all (I am sorry if this was an unfounded assumption. I'm mostly basing it on the way I feel in relation to all of you, which I admit is not particularly sound basis for such a conclusion).

I am very excited about next week though! Not that you all should be excited. As we all know, low expectations make something moderately average seem absolutely amazing. So, do me a favor eh? Just convince yourself that next week will be horrible. Then when it turns out to be something not-at-all-exciting and rather eye-rolling-inducing you guys might enjoy it more than you would otherwise.

Miss you all. Good luck starting school again (Joseph, Adrianna, and Johnny) and getting ready to study abroad (Andrew). VVTB.


  1. Btw, that is not WTB, but rather VVTB (Vi Voglio ecc..)

  2. Your advice to expect a horrific upcoming week, despite its apparent soundness, could have serious backfirey consequences due to the extreme tenacity of the confirmation bias.

  3. I forgot to post :D But I will post next week!! I'll probably even be posting from my bedroom!! yay! :D