Friday, August 5, 2011

Message from the Distant Past

Hello my Family!

This is a message sent by your beloved Joseph FROM THE PAST!!

Yes, this message was written in the past, to be brought forth in the present day for you and you alone, my future family.


Sorry guys, the past me ran out of time, and the present me has to pick up the slack. Funny how that happens. Anyway, that was Previous Joseph: autosave version Thursday 7:43 pm or thereabouts. Kind of a guess. This is Present Joseph currently typing.

You might say: Present Joseph, Thursday was barely a few hours ago! That's not the distant past at all!

Present Joseph: Ah, but it is distant in that it is eternally out of reach and beyond visitation or recurrence. You will never be able to go back to Thursday of this week, therefore, it is the Distant Past.

You: When we use the adjectives "distant" and "near" in terms of space, they refer to proximity in geographical location and reference. When using those adjectives in terms of time, we use a generally accepted standard of near, or "recent past" signifying something that has occurred withing the past 50 years or so (or thereabouts), whereas "distant past" usually implies 100+ years. Your definition is silly.

You are right of course. You usually are.

It is Friday August 5, 10:34 pm, and I am typing this on my laptop hooked up to a ginormous Hi-def 47" LCD flatscreen TV. This is the first time I think I've personally used the TV for me since I've been here at Huntwood. It actually belongs to a future resident (he's off somewhere else for the summer till he moves in sometime in the fall) and we're storing his stuff with the provision we get to use the TV. It's rather huge. I watched movies on it a couple times with roommates/friends, but that's been about it.

So why am I using it now? Why, I should think that would be obvious. To write this blogpost to you of course! That is a cause worthy of WIDESCREEN!!!!

Yeah, I don't buy that story either. Plugging a laptop into a TV the size of your average air hockey table just to use a word processor?

Truth of the matter is: I bought a videogame. For the first time in maybe 4+ years, unless any of you can recall something I can't. The videogame in question is Portal 2. It's a first person puzzle game, that's more than 3-D and has a hilarious sense of humor. The game requires you to create portals that instantly transport you and various objects around the testing facility, while conserving your momentum. You solve puzzles and outwit traps and jump chasms and endure robotic witticisms around every corner.

Well, that's enough of that. I'm a little tired, due to work and whatnot. I'm afraid I'm coming down with a cold, so I'll trot off to bed directly.

Actually important things going on:
Financial aid came through = Yay!! Super grateful for that.
New Job = Yay! I have three at the moment, and will probably be dropping 1.75 and picking up another, but not getting paid for that one.
Be moving in a bit- two weeks or so.
New semester o'classes coming up.
Johnny-bro is coming to live in my town!

I miss you all, wish I could visit. Email me questions if you have them. I promise responses, though guarantee lucidity in them I do not. Take care!

And respond to my last post darn it!

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