Monday, April 14, 2014

Our moment

Sometimes it seems like there isn't enough time,
but in reality there is,
you just have to look for it,
and most especially want it.

So I'm happy there's time for this blog :)

Let's take one moment from daily life that you would like to define your entire life. Not necessarily that it defines you now, but what single moment in your current everyday life would you hope to one day reflect who you are? Why?

I would like to imagine my "life-moment" to be when I come back from class or homework, and turn towards people instead of assignments. It would remind me that I do what I do, I learn what I learn, so that I can be better for someone else. Or at least that that's how it should be.

What is your moment?


  1. I suppose it would be talking to you all, calling family, talking to family, yup .

  2. Mine would probably be during my lunch break. I go to an empty room or the rooftop and just sit quietly for a bit. That's when I plan what I need to do, write letters, or make calls (as I'm sure you all know...)