Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Know We are Your Chosen People but Once in a While Couldn't You Choose Someone Else

If you can't tell, I'm watching Fiddler on the Roof.  Tevya's calamities are front and center at this point in the movie.  Of course we all probably have enough of our own.  So what if I write about something else entirely?

Thank you everyone for coming up to Indiana!  It was good to see everyone.  :)

This is definitely going to be a rambling post.

I'd never even heard of Clymene dolphins until your post Andrew.  Becky and I did see something I've never seen before though.  We were hiking to Abrams Falls.  It is a 5 mile round trip hike over a couple of mountains or three which seemed like double the distance it actually was.  On the way we decided to wade the river.... It was freezing cold and other hikers looked at us like we were crazy.

Another time we stopped by the river again...and noticed a large rainbow trout sticking head up out of the water at an odd angle.  It just seemed to stay there.

Then next thing we noticed the trout head was gone and an otter head was sticking out of the river at the same place!  We watched him dance around and play in the water for a while.  Over all it was a great hike but I realized that I'm definitely approaching half a century in age by the time it was over. ;).

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