Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guess what?!

I had a good weekend!

Andrew was in Chicago for the AWP conference, so he and I hung out on Saturday. We walked around Millennium Park and went to the Cultural Center, where we came in just in time for the beginning of a haiku slam. Then we walked around the center perusing art exhibits. Overall, a rather fun (and free) day!

I went to the library this morning before work to drop off a couple books and pick up a couple more (ok, maybe five or six). Little did I know when I put my books in the drop box, today was Pulaski Day! What does this mean? That we have the chance to celebrate the memory of a Revolutionary War general who died as a result of wounds sustained at the Siege of Savannah! Also, the libraries were all closed. :-/

So I spent my lunch break doing the crossword and the sudoku in the Redeye and the train rides staring wistfully out the windows contemplating the meaning of life.

On a lighter note I had jello for dessert! Strawberry. Mm....

And I know this post has been somewhat short, but it is almost eleven, and I am very tired.

Buona notte e baci a tutti!

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